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Interesting Facts and Statistics about Zip Codes in America

There are roughly 33,000 zip codes in the United State of America occupying a land area of 2,808,990 square miles. The smallest zip code is 00906 which is only 0.0032 sq. miles. In contrast, the largest zip code is 99557 with a huge area of 13,431 sq. miles. The average land area of a zip code is around 90 square miles, which is similar to the size of Knoxville, Tennessee. Much like the land area, there are vast differences in population size. For example, the most populated zip code is 00725 in Puerto Rico (over 144,000 residents), where as the smallest zip code is 59921 found in Lake Mc Donald, Montana with a population of just 1 resident.

Zip Code 33109, located in Miami Beech, Florida, has the highest income per capita of all the zip codes in America. At $376,207, it is over 1,371% larger then the Zip Code Income Per Capita Average. Here are some interesting facts and figures about Zip Code 33109. Over 78% of families have a family income of over $200,000. Over 90% of households are either one or two person large. Over 50% of the residents have a graduate or professional degree.

45 zip codes are reporting a median home value of over 1 million. Of those, 18 are in California, 14 in New York and 3 in Colorado to name a few. Residents and businesses of Zip Code 10583 pay the most annual real estate taxes ($176,430,000).

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